General Information


Acknowledgements are made within 48 hours following receipt of your order, with the express purpose of communicating both receipt of the order and information regarding interpretation of instructions, prices, shipping and design. This information must be examined carefully so that any misunderstanding can be resolved prior to production.


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Charges incurred prior to cancellation of an order will be invoiced. Minimum charge of $25.00(v).

Co-op Orders

Special pricing is available for co-op programs. We base the pricing on the total quantity anticipated over the length of the co-op program. Co-op orders must be within the established minimum order quantities.

Color Match

We print in most standard colors. Exact PMS color matches are not available. We try to match your color selection as closely as possible using PMS numbers as a reference only. Most colors can normally be matched $35.00(v). If a special color is desired, such a request must be clearly stated on the order and a swatch of the color to be matched must accompany the order.

Less than Minimum Order Quantities

When ordering less than minimum quantities shown on the price schedule, a $40.00(v) per color setup charge is incurred. Normal art and screen charges still apply. Only available on certain items.

Over-run/Under run

Due to the difficulty of manufacturing exact requirements without sacrificing quality, all shipments are subject to a 5% under/over run.


Prices are based upon material and labor costs as of the date of the catalog printing, and are subject to change without notice at any time before acceptance of an order.

Proofs-When Requested

PMT proofs of your required artwork are available before production at $12.50(v), or an acetate proof at $30.00(v). The proof approval form send with the proof must be signed and returned before production of your order begins. Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for preparation. No charge for FAXed or E-mail proofs.

Registration of Multiple Color Designs

Where it becomes necessary to register one color or more next to another, there is the possibility of misregistration amounting to approximately 1/32" per color, to the right or left, depending on the size and shape of the ware being decorated. This tolerance meets industry standards and is considered acceptable.

Rush Service

Available on most items. Contact Factory.

Telephone Orders

All orders must be confirmed in writing.


Exact reorders (except quantities) on the same item, within one year of the previous order will not incur additional screen charges, however, there is a reorder charge as shown with each item. Due to the variances in production equipment, processing, inks and other conditions between your original order and the reorder, a reasonable variation from the original order to the reorder is considered within acceptable industry standards.


Merchandise cannot be returned for any reason without written authorization from the factory. Any merchandise that is returned without written authorization will not be accepted. No returns after 30 days.

Screen / Dies

All new orders require a printing die or screen. The die and/or screen charges for new orders are $50.00(v) per color, unless otherwise specified.

Shipping Methods

All goods are shipped by motor freight or UPS, depending on the destination and the weight of shipment; F.O.B. Illinois, unless otherwise indicated on the product page. Bulk Parcel Post shipments cannot be made due to the nature and weight of the product. All goods are shipped at the buyer's risk and all claims must be made against the carrier. We do not insure on-time delivery or safe carriage of goods. Recourse rests exclusively with the transportation company. Claims for freight adjustments, breakage, concealed damages and delays in transit must be filed with the carrier within 15 days. Title to the goods passes to the buyer at the F.O.B. point or upon mailing of invoices for finished work, whichever occurs first. Deductions from your invoices for breakage or shortage are not authorized. Shipments are sent freight prepaid and added to your invoice unless otherwise requested. We reserve the right to ship any order by the method we determine as the most efficient manner. If you require an inside delivery, you must specify inside delivery. Deliveries beyond the buyer's loading dock are subject to additional charges and will be done at the customer's risk. Inside delivery will incur additional delivery charges.

Shipping - Use of Customer Provided Shipper Account Number

A flat charge may be charged (depending on product) for the use of a provided shipper number. 1-3 cartons: $6.00, 4-7 cartons: $12.00, 8-11 $18.00, 12-23 $24.00.

Speculative Samples

Depending on product, speculative samples are available at $50.00(v), plus normal art and screen charges. A screen will not then be charged if an order results with no alterations to the original copy. Waiving approval of the spec sample to expedite quicker delivery will also waive all your rights to any claims. Normal art and screen charges are still applicable. Any revisions or changes will incur additional art, screen and sampling charges. These charges are nonrefundable. Unless otherwise specified, the spec sample will be sent to the distributor. Due to the variances in production equipment, processing, inks and other conditions between proofing (sampling) and the actual production run, a reasonable variation from the production sample to the production run is considered within industry standards.


In the event the Kent Creek Line is directed by the customer to use any logo, copy or similar material supplied by any source other than the Kent Creek Line to produce an order, it is agreed and understood that the Kent Creek Line shall be acting as the Agent of the customer in the use of such material. The customer, as principal, shall be responsible to comply with all laws regarding copyright, trademark, patent, right of privacy, licensing or similar right of protection, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Kent Creek Line, its agent, for any suits, claims or action of any nature for damages, expenses and costs which may arise by reason of the Kent Creek Line using said material in accordance with the customer's direction, all of which shall be considered within the scope of the aforementioned agency relationship.